We also conduct classes for the Arabic language. Arabic is a Southern-Central Semitic language. It is the fourth most spoken language in the world. About 315 million people in 58 countries speak Arabic as their first language. Its importance can’t be underestimated.

You'll be able to benefit economically. Natural resources abound in the Middle East and of the late Middle East are growing tremendously in international affairs and jobs, thus, speaking and learning the Arabic language will help in many job opportunities for the aspirants.

Today there is a huge demand for translators, bilingual speakers, in marketing, learning Arabic will undoubtedly help in getting jobs for the same.

Besides these all Arab culture is quite rich and interesting, learning the language will help to know about the history, spellbind culture and fascinating tradition of the Middle East and other Arab countries. It would be also of great help for tourists to these Arabic speaking countries.

Last but never ever the least Arabic is the language which was spoken by our beloved Prophet Mohammed. It is the language in which the most sacred book Quran was revealed. Quran is revealed for the whole humankind. It tells what is wrong and right, it guides us to the best way of life, it tells many laws and science and thus it is of paramount importance that we should understand what it wants to convey. Muslims all over the world speak Arabic daily while reading Quran and making prayers and thus it is one of the ways of unification of all Muslims. Keeping all these considerations, its significance can never be undermined.

I would not say we should learn Arabic rather I would say it is mandatory to learn Arabic.

Duration of the course: 2 months
Course fees: