Business English Certificate (BEC)

BEC or the Business English Certificates are a set of three English language qualifications for International Business. The BEC exams are conducted by Cambridge English. It tests English in a business context.


English: The Global Lingua Franca

The vital role played by English is recognized by all organizations worldwide. Its appropriate use is therefore crucial to the success of any organization. Government departments, NGOs, business houses, multinational companies, and banks now recognize the vital role of effective business communication.

  • Employers want staff who can communicate effectively in English.
  • Job Seekers need to demonstrate their English competence to employers.

BEC the certification

Cambridge English: Business Certificates – a suite of high-quality international English language exams that show students have the work-focused English language skills for study and work success. These market-leading exams are developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment – a department of the University of Cambridge and world leader in language teaching and assessment.

The Business English Certificate (BEC) suite of examinations offers an internationally recognized English language qualification for learners wishing to use English for the purpose of international Business. They are practical examinations that focus on the application of language in dealing with real-world business situations and set the standards for corporate communication!

There are three BEC levels; at each level, there are Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking components. At all three levels, the materials and tasks are accessible to candidates who have the experience of or are interested in entering a range of business fields, including marketing, production, financial services, and general office work.

The ‘business’ aspect of this examination affects the vocabulary, the type of texts selected and the situations presented in the tasks. The three levels correspond to the level of competence of the user with BEC Higher being the advanced level and setting the benchmark for international standards. Although, in general terms, the topic areas are similar for each level, the range of linguistic knowledge and degree of skill required progresses with each level.

A globally accepted exam

The exams are trusted and globally accepted by universities, colleges and business schools. They offer proof that students have the English language skills needed for business-focused courses, such as MBAs, Accounting and Management Studies.

The BEC advantage: Why Cambridge English: Business Certificates?

  • Make your recruitment easier: Specify an exam that ensures students have the English language skills for success in business-related study.
  • Boost your students’ employability and add value to your courses by offering the exams as part of their studies.
  • Accepted globally by top multinational corporations, organizations, governments, immigration authorities, education institutions and business schools as well.
  • Accepted for all categories of UK visa application, including Tier 2 and Tier 4 coveringwork and study.
  • The exams deliver secure results, which can be checked onlineat
  • Internationally available every month at authorized Cambridge English Language Assessment exam centers.
  • Fit for purpose: High-quality international exams, specifically designed to develop theEnglish language skills students need to excel in business-related studies and the workplace.