Corporate Partnership

The journey of Learning Point Foundation so far has been a roller-coaster ride to say the least. Mrs. Sarvath Adil Khan, the founder of Learning Point Foundation, has managed to turn her dream, of providing education to everyone and in turn educate the entire community, into a reality, with special emphasis being given to women and Hafiz\Hafizaas.
She believes in right to equality and also in being fully self-dependent. “we don’t want to give fish in their hand. We want to teach them how to get the fish” she says. This gives us a clear idea of her vision. Her enthusiasm is contagious and makes one desperately want to join her in such a good and noble cause.
We, at Learning Point Foundation, try our very best to carry forward her ideology and provide a platform for all those who are in need of that first step that will kick-start their journey to the heights of success by means of providing education, job placements, language training, personality development or polishing their skills, we just want to somehow be there for those who have nowhere to go.
But this enormous task seems next to impossible without some financial aid. We are looking for supporters and volunteers, who can sponsor or contribute to the studies of many students who approach us every single day with hopes of pursuing their education, but their financial status serves as a hindrance.
This is where the corporates and companies can step in and take hold of their social responsibility which includes not not only maximizing their business value but also acting in a manner that benefits the society. Socially responsible companies should adopt policies that promote the well-being of society such as volunteering, making changes that benefit the environment and engaging in charitable giving.
This will also serve as a boost to their business activities as social responsibility has become increasingly important to investors who seek investments that are both profitable and also contribute to the welfare of the society. Consumers too more actively look to buy goods and services from socially responsible companies hence impacting their profitability. This makes it a win-win situation for us both, the corporate world and Learning Point Foundation.
Thus, we urge you to come join hands with Learning Point Foundation, in the ways you please so that we accomplish our mission and spread rays of hope and warmth. Let’s together contribute to the betterment of the society and make this world a better place to live for all.

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