Diploma in Advance Computer Teacher Training

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Program Overview

This course Computer Teacher Training is designed for preparing the computer teachers as per the requirement of the new challenging teaching environment today which is imparting the comprehensive knowledge to the students. The aim of these courses is to impart complete knowledge in computer usage. These courses are intended for the aspirants to set up their careers in every field wherever computers are used. These courses help the students to build the solid base in programming who want to make their career in system or application programming. Computer Introduction: Introduction to the computer, Hardware and software of computer is covered.

Adv.MS Word:

It’s a Graphical word processing program that used for editing a letter, Documentation etc, All the short keys, Macros, Development tools taught here.

Adv.MS- PowerPoint:

It is application software used to present data and information by using text, images, diagrams with animations and transitional effects etc along with Macros.

Adv. MS- Excel:

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program. That means it's used to create grids of text, numbers and formulas specifying calculations. That's extremely valuable for many businesses, which use it to record expenditures and income, plan budgets, chart data and succinctly present fiscal results. Web, Internet & Email: Introduction of Internet, Uses and misuses of Internet, Concept of Protocols, Web Browser, Web Page, Website, Web Server, URL, DNS, Search engine and Messenger Services, Setting Browser Properties, Setup Network Connection, Concept of Email, Uses of Email, Advantages of E- mail, Different types of E-mail Account, Web Based E- mail Account.

Key Highlights

  • Practical Training
  • Create Report in MS- Word
  • Installation of Windows and Software’s
  • Create a presentation
  • Create a file in MS- Excel
  • Set up WIFI internet & Create Email Ids