Diploma in Fashion Designing

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Program Overview

Diploma in Fashion Design is a basic fast track diploma course in the field of fashion designing. This 1 year course is based on a revised curriculum of fashion trends and designing, guiding students towards various lucrative careers in this field. The main objective of this course is to make students find creativity and innovation in Fashion Design and impart knowledge of the technical aspects involved in the process. With a Diploma in Fashion Design, students can find employment as Brand Managers, Pattern Makers, Design Product Development, Designers, Fashion Writers, Fashion Coordinator, and much more. The course is beneficial for those who wish to opt for fashion designing To enter the commercial world of fashion or even for the personal Satisfaction of possession the formal knowledge of clothing design, The course is aimed at linking creative exploration with technology And market understanding. This programme emphasizes innovation and creativity in Fashion Design while providing students with the technical know-how for a successful career in the fashion industry. It will also help students nurture specific skills related to sewing, pattern drafting, fashion illustration, fashion styling, design and garment construction.

Key Highlights

  • Fashion Designing
    • Fashion Accessory
      • Textile Science
        • Pattern Making and Garment Construction
          • Fashion Merchandising and Management
  • Fashion illustration
    • Fashion Ornamentation
      • Product Specification
        • Computer-Aided Design
          • Fashion Marketing and Management

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