Diploma in Nursery & Primary Teachers Training

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Program Overview

Nursery and Primary Teachers Training Course lays emphasis on developing the trainees in all aspects of nursery and primary school teaching. Besides providing knowledge of Teacher Training subjects like child psychology, child growth and development, child health and nutrition, teaching strategies and techniques, child care and management etc. our NPTT course also refines your talents and abilities and develops your aesthetic and creative sense so that you are able to work as a Primary teacher in schools running in India or abroad, through Nursery and Primary Teacher Training Course. We also empower you with required knowledge to set up and run your own nursery school. The one year of study is divided into two semesters. The following courses are broadly taught over the period. The practical methods, course content and timing.

Teaching Methodology:

Growth and Development, Heredity and Environment, Instincts, General Innate Tendencies, learning manual Skills, vocational, Educational and Personal Guidance

Child Psychology:

Meaning, Scope, Methods of Child Psychology. Historical Background, Stages of Child Development, Characteristic of Child Growth, Aspects of Child Development, Play, work, Attention and interest of Child.

Child Care And Health:

Science of Health Care, Physical Health Care, Maternal and Infant Mortality, Infectious Diseases, Balanced Diet, Constituents of Food, Nutrition, Exercise and First Aid.

Basics of Pre- Primary Education:

School Discipline, Internal functions, Programs, Curriculum construction, Time-table, Home-work, Guidance programme in school, Co-curricular Activities, School records and evaluation.

Key Highlights

  • Practical Training
  • Kindergarten Method
  • Project Method
  • Play way
  • Nursery education method
  • Art Teaching
  • Lesson plans
  • Viva