Spoken English

This Specialization helps you improve your knowledge of the English language and pronunciation with the help of our experienced teacher. Practice your speaking and vocabulary with our lessons. We know learning English can be challenging but our courses are designed to be enjoyable and make the learning process as simple and easy as possible. Our teachers are very experienced and make sure that all of our English speaking course material is up to date and engaging.

Why to Learn English?

English is widely spoken—it's the most used and spoken language around the world. One in five people around the world are able to either speak or understand so it comes in handy for traveling and communication. Learning English is also a great way to boost your career and increase your chances of getting a job especially in the business environment, whether in a multicultural company or working abroad. Being an English language learner is a great way to boost your language capacity.

At LEARNING POINT we focus on building your vocabulary and help you to form perfect sentences using the day to day scenarios that one may encounter in their professional life. In today’s world, good command over English helps you not only to express yourself confidently but also to gain the confidence of others like clients, interviewers, etc.
LEARNING POINT takes you to step by step training starting from polishing your English grammar, explaining the do’s, don’ts, and best practices needed on a professional level.
Training is designed to enhance your listening skills for better communication as well. You will receive mentoring on pronunciation, use of expressions, vocabulary and free speech. With this training, you will build a solid foundation of the English language and can easily crack the interviews to get the desired job that requires good communication skills.