Learn Spoken English Course in Bangalore

Courses offered
We have exhaustive courses for English. Our courses range from zero level to advanced level.

Zero Level English
Those who have little information or no information about English, we start from zero levels. In this level, students are exposed to the English alphabet, phonetics, expressions. We then gradually move to two letters, three-letter words and eventually give them a basic picture of English various words and their sounds and meanings.
Time Duration: 60 days/ 120 hours

Basic English/ Elementary
This level is designed for those who have basic knowledge but want to improve their English. we follow Cambridge Essential English Grammar and Cambridge English Vocabulary in Use. Our experts meticulously teach each and every aspect of grammar along with conducting activities regularly based on grammar chapters and vocabulary.
Time Duration: 60 days/ 120 hours

Intermediate Level English
This level is especially for those who are able to speak but not good at pronunciation and are grammatically incorrect. Due importance is given to improve students’ grammar. English Grammar aspects, rules are comprehensively taught. Various techniques and activities are conducted to build students’ vocabulary. We follow Intermediate English Grammar and Intermediate Vocabulary book.
Time Duration: 60 days/ 120 hours

Advanced Level English
This level gives in-depth, high level of English which will ultimately help in professionals, academics and daily lives.
Time Duration: 60 days/ 120 hours

After completion of each level, students are supposed to take the exam. After successful completion of the test, students are provided Cambridge Certificate.