Women Empowerment

Learning point foundation works for the downtrodden people residing in slum areas of North Bangalore. Our main objective is the upliftment of the society.

Besides children’s education, their parent’s education and edification are equally important. Because of the parent’s torpid mentality, children are least interested in having proper education in the maximum number of cases. Women are especially uneducated. Most of them are 10th or 12th discontinue. Many of them have not received school education also and got married at a very young age. The whole women folk are victims of cruel patriarchy society. Physical violence, domestic abuse, illiteracy, ignorance are too common for them.

Looking at all these, Learning point foundation has come up with new program ‘Women’s Training Program’ specifically designed for women.

Key features of our program are:

  • Health and Hygiene Education. Importance of health and hygiene. We teach how the maximum number of diseases is spread just because of drinking contaminated water and an unhealthy, unclean environment.
  • Basic English, Hindi, and Urdu. We try our best to teach them so much that they will be able to meet their basic needs like filling forms, managing bank, hospital works.
  • Women rights and empowerment What are our fundamental rights and duties and how should be approach legal advisor if our rights are violated.
  • Parents and children relationship What are the duties and roles of parents for their children? We do counseling and educate parents on different aspects of life.

1. Firdose Banu :

Sl.No Registration No Registration fees Exam fees Monthly Tuition fees Total
1 N1719200091 1920 1740 500*12=6000 9660

Firdose Banu is a student of class 10th. She is of 19 years old. She has 6 sisters and she is youngest in them. She lost her father in a very young age, so her mother has brought all of them. In a very young age she has been attacked by Polio. Among her six sisters, three are married and other two, now, are bread winners of her home. Due to unstable condition and financial constraints, she couldn’t get proper education. Firdose is now interested in studies and thus enrolled herself for 10th grade. Like her sisters she wants to earn and support her family. She is an enthusiastic girl and wants to do Fashion Designing course which costs Rs.45000/-. Thus, we have taken the initiative to educate her and make her stand on her feet.

2. Reshma Banu :

Sl.No Registration No Registration fees Exam fees Monthly Tuition fees Total
1 N1719200092 2170 1740 500*12=6000 9910

Reshma Banu is mother of two children. She is of 20 years and stays in D.G Halli. She also doesn’t have father and was brought up by her mother. Her mother is a cook. She got married in 2013. Her husband is auto man and they have two children one of seven years and another four years. She was doing nursing course but couldn’t complete as she couldn’t understand. Thus eventually she decided to complete her studies and enrolled herself for SSLC exam. Despite being married, having two children and not having strong financial support, she never stepped back from studies. She is a hard working girl with an extreme passion to study and become educated. She wants to do her Further studies in Nursing so that she can serve needy ones .

3. Amreen :

Sl.No Registration No Registration fees Exam fees Monthly Tuition fees Total
1 Yet to receive 2170 1740 500*12=6000 9910

Amreen is from Rural Bangalore. She is of 20 years. She is very hard working girl. In her childhood she lost her father. She was married in young age and to her dismay she got divorced after few years of marriage. She is having one daughter and she works as receptionist in a private hotel. Her income is not enough to support her daughter’s education and her day to day life’s expenditure. Thus, she has finally decided to complete her 10th and enrol in Diploma in Hotel Management.