Invitation For Free Teacher’s Training Workshop

We are pleased to inform that Learning Point Foundation and Islamic Information Centre have taken the initiative to organize a two-day workshop to train teachers on how to be productive and constructive in their teaching styles. At learning point we do our best to educate, counsel and train students, teachers and women for their overall growth. To extend and include more in our charity work, we are conducting a a teacher’s training workshop with the aim of motivating and educating teachers in contemporary ways of teaching so that they can adopt new and innovative techniques of teachings in their classrooms.


The objective of this workshop is to improve the teachers effectiveness and to dramatically change the quality of teaching and make classes more interactive and attentive. We wish to invite teachers from KG Halli, DJ Halli and north Bengaluru schools for the workshop and help them improve their skills and in turn improve the students & the society at large.
Technology is growing day by day in every aspect of life and so in education. Today’s children are more intelligent and smarter and they deserve new and innovative methods to cope with increasing syllabus and their study curriculum.
This Invitation aims to provide free teachers training. It is designed to help teachers to increase their control in class, build and enhance confidence, develop techniques and bring new technologies to make classes fun-filled along with providing education and to understand the mindset of the students to make the class fruitful.


Sis. Sarvath Adil Khan
Sis. Asma Pasha
Understanding Child Psychology
Br. Ameen E Mudassir
Expertise Sharing
Dr. Syed Habeeb Pasha
Disruptive Teacher
Dr. Amber
Why Do We Need To Develop Professionally ?
Br. Md Ismail Irshad
Developing One’s Potential As A Teacher
Dr. Mohammed Haneef
Nobility Of Being A Teacher
Br. Arif Pasha
Effective Classroom Management Techniques
Sis. Arshiya
Developing Effective Learning Skills
Br. Haneef
Easy Learning Methods and Techniques
Adv. Muzaffar Ahmed
Importance Of Regional Language Kannada
Br. Abu Abad Imran
Role Of Teacher In Society


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Humane Touch
Pray Foundation
I Care Foundation
I Get
360 Smiles
Cigma Foundation
Project Smile
We Care Foundation
Al - Amanah
Darul Sadaf
Darul Rasheediya
Dr. Asifa and team
Community empowerment and team

Date : 20th and 21th of March 2021
Venue : Canopy
Timing : 10 am to 5 pm