Case Studies

Learning point foundation works trust for the underprivileged people in the slum areas of Bangalore. We do our best to educate, counsel, and train students, teachers, and women for their overall upliftment. We are keenly into educating the downtrodden people of our society. We are presenting here a few cases of students who eagerly want to complete their studies but are not able to do because of financial restrictions.

Learning point foundation is an NGO that exclusively works to educate a downtrodden community. Learning point foundation tries best to educate drop out students. Usually, students who have quit education at an early age, High school, or so on, are left uneducated. None takes care and thus, they get to indulge in a negative atmosphere. We are trying our best to survey, examine and then educate and place them Into jobs according to there own interest and skill to this kind of students


23-year-old Aasiya Parveen is a resident of R T Nagar. She dropped out of studies after completing her I PUC as she joined a Madrasa to learn Islamic studies. After completing her Islamic studies at the Madrasa Aasiya got married. Life has not been easy for Aasiya Parveen. Her husband who works as a driver makes only 13 thousand a month. Aasiya Parveen started working as a teacher to help her husband financially. Aasiya started earning 7,400 a month but always yearned to complete her studies. This is when Aasiya enrolled herself in NIOS 12th at Learning Point. Aasiya Parveen dreams of having a degree in her hand and wants to continue her work as a teacher. Learning Point has advised Aasiya to never give up on her studies or job and fulfill her dreams.


16-year-old Sidra Salim Surati and 18-year-old Rayyan Salim Surati come from Govindpur. Both are brother and sister. Their father Salim Gulam Kadar Surati passed away in the year 2014 due to cancer. He was the only breadwinner in the family. After his death Sidra, Rayyan, their mother and two siblings got into financial problems. All the children had to drop out of studies as they were unable to pay their fees. Their mother Nabeela Surati was forced to look for a job to take care of the family. She initially started selling mehendi (henna) cones and later took up orders to apply mehendi designs to brides. Nabeela’s income is about Rs. 7,000 a month. She is unable to take care of her family with the little amount of money she makes. Her daughter Sidra and son Rayyan however are determined to study. With Nabeela’s encouragement, Sidra and Rayyan have enrolled themselves in NIOS 10th and 12th at Learning Point. Sidra and Rayyan want to support their mother in whatever way it’s possible by continuing with their studies and finding a job for themselves in the future. Help the orphan brother and sister complete their studies by donating funds for their education.


29-year-old Syeda Huma Afreen was a medical transcriptionist and a teacher before she quit her respective jobs and also dropped out of studies to get married. Life after marriage has not been easy for Syeda. Four years into marriage Syeda Huma Afreen has been struggling to make ends meet. Her husband’s meagre earning is not enough for her to manage her day-to-day expenses. Now Syeda wants to get back to completing her studies and also find a new job for herself to support her husband. Syeda Huma Afreen has taken the first step towards achieving her goals by taking admission in NIOS 12th at Learning Point. Learning Point has encouraged and advised Syeda Huma Afreen to complete 12th successfully and take up further studies to get employed in a profession of her choice. Syeda Huma Afreen is in need of donations to pay her fees and complete the 12th.


19-year-old Mohammed Toufiq is a resident of Modi Road, D.J.Halli. After completing 10th standard, Toufiq discontinued studies due to financial problems. Toufiq comes from a broken home. His father and mother got separated 6 years ago due to irreconcilable differences. In the absence of a father figure, Toufiq was forced to become a bread winner of his family. He found a job as a painter of Metro Boards. “I earn 15 to 20 thousand a month. I have to feed my family. My mother and sister are dependent on me for their livelihood,” says Toufiq. Toufiq’s mother works as a housekeeper but doesn’t earn enough to support the family in any manner. Despite facing many hurdles in life Mohammed Toufiq is a determined person. “I wish to have a degree in my hand someday. I want to join a reputed office as an office boy,” informs Toufiq. With a day job and many responsibilities upon his shoulders Toufiq is left with very little time for himself. Yet the youngster wants to attain his goals in life and is ready to work hard for it.


18-year-old Tayyib Ahmed is a resident of Hegde Nagar. Tayyib works as a delivery boy with Zomato and earns a meagre salary of Rs 7,000 per month. Tayyib completed his 10th and dropped out of I PUC as his father couldn't afford paying his fees which was a whopping Rs 50,000 a year. After spending almost a year without knowing what to do next Tayyib paid a visit to Learning Point. At Learning Point Tayyib Ahmed was advised to enrol himself in NIOS 12th. "I come from a humble background. My father is a mechanic. He earns 12,000 a month. His pay is sufficient only to run the household. We are five members in our family,” informs Tayyib. Despite facing financial problems Tayyib Ahmed is determined to study well and get into a good job. “Learning Point has given a direction to my life. I hope to complete 12th successfully join ITI and become a machinist,” adds the 18-year-old. Learning Point hopes to see Tayyib Ahmed as a successful machinist in the coming years and wishes him the very best in all aspects of life.