Welcome to Learning Point Foundation

Learning Point Foundation is a one stop destination for an individual’s holistic development. The institute focuses on providing an opportunity to students to attain excellent education. We do our best to educate, counsel and train students, teachers and women in general for their overall development.

Since 2018, Learning Point Foundation has been working for the underprivileged people in the socially and economically backward areas of Bengaluru. Dropouts are given best quality education at the centre with NIOS system of education so that they successfully complete their 10th and 12th standard exams after which Learning Point Foundation assists the students in getting job placements.

Our Core initiatives


— Educating Underprivilaged

Learning Point Foundation is dedicated to serving the underprivileged population in Bangalore’s slum areas. We do our best to educate, counsel and train students, teachers and women for their overall upliftment and strive to make education accessible to all, empowering individuals and communities to break the cycle of poverty and a build bright future.


— Encouraging Dropout Students

Learning Point Foundation is dedicated towards educating marginalised communities. Our primary focus is to provide education to students who have faced obstacles and dropped out of school prematurely, often leaving them without access to further education


— Empowering

Parents’ education and attitude towards learning have a profound impact on their children’s success in school. Unfortunately, many parents, especially women, are not given the opportunity to get educated themselves. This can lead to a vicious cycle, where uneducated parents have uneducated children.


— Educating
Huffas & Alims

Learning Point Foundation is committed to empowering huffaz and aalims by providing them with the education and skills that they need to succeed in the modern world. We believe that all people, regardless of their religious backgrounds, should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


— Youth

At Learning Point Foundation, we are committed to helping the youth reach their full potential, we firmly believe that equipping our youth with relevant skills and fostering an educated mind-set is essential, regardless of their background. This ensures that they become valuable assets to their community and actively contribute to the upliftment of society.


— Counselling &

Learning Point Foundation has been tirelessly working for the betterment of individuals ever since its inception. We believe that everyone has the right to live a life of dignity and opportunity. That’s why we work tirelessly to create a safe and supportive space where people can heal, grow and thrive.


Inspiring Stories

She used to work as a house help. Her husband didn’t have a well-paying job. Reshma struggled a lot to make ends meet. She found it very challenging to take care of her children. She joined Learning Point Foundation hoping to make her life better. She joined the academy and completed her studies. Now she has a job as a receptionist in a firm and is happy.


She hails from D J Halli. She used to work as an assistant at a hospital. After joining Learning Point Foundation, Amreen completed 12th grade and is currently working towards obtaining a degree. She underwent a complete transformation in her personality. She became more knowledgeable and confident after taking up classes at the academy.


This student belongs to an economically deprived family. She had to go through many struggles to continue studying. She joined NIOS 10th grade at Learning Point Foundation and after successfully completing the course she is now in NIOS 12th grade. Afeefa is a Science student and hopes to become a doctor one day. She wishes to serve the society and help the poor by giving them good medical care. Learning Point Foundation is helping her in realising her dream.

Afeefa Sherin

Both are siblings who have overcome significant hardships to achieve their educational goals. Despite growing up in a challenging environment, with separated parents and a mother who was suffering from a terminal disease, they were both able to complete both 10th and 12th grades. Umm Kulsum is now pursuing further studies in psychology. It is a reminder that anything is possible if you set your mind at it.

Umm Kulsum and Khader Maher

He is an Aalim, owns a madrasa and coaches hundreds of students for Aalimiyat. He completed 10th and 12th grades at Learning Point Foundation and is currently pursuing B.Com. What’s particularly inspiring is that he had no knowledge of English language before joining our foundation yet he has achieved fluency in it later. His journey reminds us of the incredible impact education can have in one’s life.

Abdul Rasheed