Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All Youth Are Educated, Safe And Valued

Welcome to Learning Point Foundation

Learning Point Foundation is a one stop destination for an individual’s holistic development. The institute focuses on providing an opportunity to students to attain excellent education. We do our best to educate, counsel and train students, teachers and women in general for their overall development.

For the last 3 to 4 years Learning Point Foundation has been working for the underprivileged people in the socially and economically backward areas of Bengaluru. Class 9 and 10 dropouts are given best quality education at the centre with NIOS system of education so that they successfully complete their 10th and 12th standard exams after which Learning Point Foundation assists the students in getting job placements.

Our Core initiatives


— Educating Underprivilaged

Learning point foundation works trust for the underprivileged people in the slum areas of Bangalore. We do our best to educate, counsel, and train students, teachers, and women for their overall upliftment. We are keenly into educating the downtrodden people of our society. 


— Encouraging Dropout Students

Learning point foundation is an NGO that exclusively works to educate a downtrodden community. Learning point foundation tries best to educate drop out students. Usually, students who have quit education at an early age, High school, or so on, are left uneducated. 



— Empowering Women

Besides children’s education, their parent’s education and edification are equally important. Because of the parent’s torpid mentality, children are least interested in having proper education in the maximum number of cases. Women are especially uneducated. 


— Educating
Huffas & Alims

One of the core objectives of Learning Point Foundation is to educate huffas and alims so that they integrate seamlessly into the mainstream society. Along with obtaining religious education it is important in today’s times to be formally educated as well. Our Foundation dreams of making huffas and alims capable of getting gainfully employed.


— Youth

The youth must be equipped with relevant skills and must possess an educated mind so as to be an asset to the community and be active contributors for the upliftment of the society. 



— Counselling &

Learning Point Foundation has been working for the betterment of women ever since its inception. Our NGO takes pride in empowering women who come from the lower strata of society.

Inspiring Stories

”Reshma Banu is mother of two children. She is of 20 years and stays in D.G Halli. She also doesn’t have father and was brought up by her mother. Her mother is a cook. She got married in 2013. Her husband is auto man and they have two children one of seven years and another four years. She was doing nursing course but couldn’t complete as she couldn’t understand. Thus eventually she decided to complete her studies and enrolled herself for SSLC exam. Despite being married, having two children and not having strong financial support, she never stepped back from studies. She is a hard working girl with an extreme passion to study and become educated. She wants to do her Further studies in Nursing so that she can serve needy ones .”