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Organization's dispute resolution mechanism

Our Patrons

At Learning Point Foundation, our dispute resolution mechanism involves a multi-faceted approach to ensure that conflicts and disputes are addressed effectively and fairly:

Internal Resolution

When a dispute or conflict arises within the organization, we prioritize open communication. Individuals involved are encouraged to first attempt to resolve the issue through dialogue, seeking guidance from supervisors, managers, or designated dispute resolution personnel.

Expert Guidance

We benefit from the expertise of key individuals and advisors. They serve as mentors and advisors, providing valuable insights and guidance on addressing conflicts and disputes, particularly in the context of new projects and initiatives.

Technical Support

A technical support team plays a crucial role in software initiation and maintenance, ensuring that our organisation's technical infrastructure supports efficient communication and conflict resolution

Financial Insight

Our financial advisors look into NGO accounts and provide guidance on financial matters, contributing to a transparent and fair resolution process.

Overall, our organisation places a strong emphasis on open communication, expert guidance and teamwork to address and resolve conflicts promptly and fairly. While we do not have a formal mediation or arbitration process in place, we believe that the involvement of experienced mentors and advisors, along with our committed team members, allows us to navigate and resolve issues effectively within our organisation.