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We Focus on quality OF education for THE lower Class of society.

Our Testimonials


—S Abdul Mateen Basha :

He was interested in pursuing religious education and became a hafiz-e-Quran. Later he realised that worldly education too is required to sustain in today’s world. After joining Learning Point Foundation Mateen discovered that he wants to become a robotic engineer. He is receiving all possible help in this direction studying NIOS 12th standard and he is thankful to everyone at the academy for giving him a chance to walk in the direction of his goal.


— Reshma Banu :

Reshma Banu is mother of two children. She is of 20 years and stays in D.G Halli. She also doesn’t have father and was brought up by her mother. Her mother is a cook. She got married in 2013. Her husband is auto man and they have two children one of seven years and another four years. She was doing nursing course but couldn’t complete as she couldn’t understand. Thus eventually she decided to complete her studies and enrolled herself for SSLC exam. Despite being married, having two children and not having strong financial support, she never stepped back from studies. She is a hard working girl with an extreme passion to study and become educated. She wants to do her Further studies in Nursing so that she can serve needy ones .


— Amreen :

Amreen is from Rural Bangalore. She is of 20 years. She is very hard working girl. In her childhood she lost her father. She was married in young age and to her dismay she got divorced after few years of marriage. She is having one daughter and she works as receptionist in a private hotel. Her income is not enough to support her daughter’s education and her day to day life’s expenditure. Thus, she has finally decided to complete her 10th and enrol in Diploma in Hotel Management.


— Abdul Majid:

Learning point is a simple yet wonderful institution which provides secondary education to students from all backgrounds. It’s especially focused on certifying the HAFIZ’S and AALIMS. So that they don’t face any problems in the future, both general and financially. Learning point also provides a 2nd chance for high school dropouts. It has a flexible curriculum designed to suit the student’s needs rather the student getting stressed. I being Hafiz got opportunity to get back to my secondary education and work through my professional carrier.


— Syed Nawaz:

I had lost all hopes to study further after finishing 10th standard with 90% in 2016. Post which I joined college but I couldn’t continue due to financial crises. After that I was unsure of what to do with my life. I paid a visit to learning point after which I realized I should study further and get into a professional job to support my family. I thank the trainers and management of learning point for showing me the right direction. I wish to become a highly successful professional in the future and learning point is helping me in achieving my goal. Currently I’m pursuing 12th NIOS.


— Zara:

She comes from a humble background, where her family often struggles to afford even one meal a day. Despite these challenges, Zara is a brilliant student who has overcome all odds to achieve success. She has recently completed 10th grade and has moved on to another institution for further studies. Zara’s story is an inspiration to all of us. She shows us that it is possible to achieve our goals, no matter what our circumstances are. She is a living example of the power of hard work and determination.


— Sadiq :

I’m a hafiz. My parents enrolled me at a madrasa to obtain religious education but along the way they felt that I required worldly education too. I came across Learning Point Foundation and started pursuing NIOS 10th. I’m grateful to Learning Point Foundation for showing me the right way.


— Oovez :

I’m an orphan. I used to feel hopeless and neglected. I was lost. Learning Point Foundation opened new gates for me. I got admitted in NIOS class 10. I hope to study well and make my teachers proud. I’m thankful to them for guiding me.


— Nusrath :

I didn’t know how to read and write. I learnt everything from scratch after joining Learning Point Foundation to complete NIOS 10th. I’m thankful for the life changing opportunity given to me.