Founder's Journey

Our Founder's Journey

The Inspiring Voyage: Unfolding the Story of Our Founder's Journey"

Nearly a decade ago, our founder, Mrs. Sarvath Adil Khan, began her journey in the field of social service. Originating from Hoskote Taluk, Bengaluru. She developed a deep empathy for the underprivileged and their struggles.

 Mrs. Khan recognized that the core of their problems was the lack of education. Illiteracy left these disadvantaged individuals without suitable job opportunities and their poverty often prevented them from pursuing education or sending their children to schools.Faced with these issues, Mrs. Khan decided to take on the challenge of empowering the needy. She started visiting local government schools, motivating students to pursue their education and providing English language training. Her focus didn’t only revolve around children’s education; she counseled their parents as well, pushing them for a life transformation. She aimed to raise their living standards by promoting general awareness about different opportunities and a better way of life.

Despite having paused her own education after 2nd PUC due to marriage, Mrs. Khan later resumed her studies. Today, she holds a master’s degree in psychology and is concurrently pursuing a Ph.D. in educational psychology.

 She understood the obstacles faced by educational dropouts as she has experienced this gap in her own education. This experience spurred her to establish an academy that could support these individuals directly; hence the Learning Point Foundation was founded in 2018.

Mrs. Khan has been a remarkable inspiration and role model to students and teachers alike. As a certified Cambridge trainer, she has provided comprehensive training to several Cambridge certification aspirants, thereby transforming the lives of hundreds of students and teachers.

Despite navigating an array of complex challenges, Mrs. Khan has effectively guided numerous students at the Learning Point Foundation towards success. This achievement owes much to the remarkable generosity and steadfast support exhibited by numerous benefactors. A heartfelt salute is extended to her indefatigable team, whose dedication and loyalty have been indispensable. Moreover, a singular token of gratitude is reserved for an exceptional mentor, whose wisdom and guidance have been instrumental in transforming potential roadblocks into steppingstones on this enlightening journey. 

Mrs. Khan recalls her journey so far has been extremely fulfilling and she looks forward to many more rewarding years of serving society to the best of her capabilities